Born in 1987
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

2012 BFA, The School of Visual Arts, NY
Graduated with Honors


Cultural Capital Introspection Residency, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, (Canceled due to Covid)


Botched Chadification music video, Splitty Fest, Flash Bang Productions, Cinema Village, NY, NY, 2024

Cringe in Theory, A Fair Selection, ARTLOT, Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn, NY, 2023

Film01, Angelicism01, Historie(s) de l'internet, Anthology Film Archive, NY, NY, 2023

The Spectre of Finance Punk, Splitty Fest, Flash Bang Productions, Cinema Village, NY, NY, 2022

Bel Air music video, Grub, Very Nice Massage and friends, Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn, NY, 2019



Botched Chadification performance, This is Austin it fucking rules, Delilah's Front Porch, Austin, TX

Played effected tapes in The Magical Monarch, Anti-Clout Theater, Brooklyn, NY

Botched Chadification live, Bushwick Public House, Brooklyn, NY


Botched Chadification live, Steakfry memorial show, Finnegan's Pub, Highland Mills, NY

Botched Chadification live, Safety Propaganda presents, Sovereign House, NY, NY

Alex Bienstock and Jon Forte, Splitty Fest, Sovereign House, NY, NY

Performed in Gulliver's Travels, Anti-Clout Theater, Brooklyn, NY

NAMBLA reading, The Burning Palace presents: Beauty Palace, Black Spring Books, Brooklyn, NY


Performed Identity Crisis for Beckett Rosset Presents: Paralyzed by Choice, Readings from Cars & Women Magazine, 432 Hudson Street, NY, NY

Performed as an Elite Troll on Peter Vack's WWW.RACHELORMONT.COM movie set, Daryl Roth Theatre, NY, NY

Performed NUBASED AXTION KUNST #3 with Barrett Avner, Forever Magazine issue #3 launch, Russian Samovar, NY, NY


Performed NUBASED AXTION KUNST with Barrett Avner, NPCC Film Fest, Cinema Village, NY, NY


Performed on OpenRoom Live using Zoom with Henry Becker and Nolan Flynn, Salt Lake City, UT/ Brooklyn, NY

Performed Cellular Reading, closing for About the 77 Street Woman, curated by Alex Berns, 414 W 121st Street, NY, NY


Performed as E.S.C.B.A.S with Dan Sheppard - Edibles: Black Plague Reunion, 1350, in gbrtstag, curated by Victoria Haynes, Asia Roma, NY, NY

Performed for Osmosis 1, curated by Joseph Sledgianowski and Ming Liu, Bodeguita, Brooklyn, NY

Performed as E.S.C.B.A.S with Joseph Sledgianowski and Jon Spreaders in The Anarchist Art Festival at Judson Memorial Church, NY, NY

Performed in Rainer Ganahl's Marx Angels’ Dust — A Summer Night's Spleen, by performing "We, The Post Artists" as Professor Alex Bienstock, Ph.D., MX Gallery, NY, NY

Performed "We, The Post Artists" and conversation on Art and Labor Podcast with Lucia Love and OK FOX, Brooklyn, NY

Performed in Colby Welsh's No Shit No Shower Full Power, LIVEART.US, Queens Museum, NY

Performed in Rainer Ganahl's Marx Punk with Jon Spreaders and Abby Lloyd, Montez Press Radio, NY, NY


Performed in a video by Marc Kokopelli, 90% Years Later, Lomex, NY, NY


Performed in John Bocks Sweat Production No 9a, Tribute to Flux-Labyrinth (1976/2015), Frieze, NY


Performed as E.S.C.B.A.S in Ian Swanson's Trade In Trade Up with Jon Spreaders, The Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

Performed in Anne Hirsch's Man of My Dreams, a part of Brian Droitcour's performance, American Medium, Brooklyn, NY


Performed in Noel Anderson's Sour Pis Lacks Repo, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, NY

Performed as German, No Music Just Noise with Stefan Walz, Silent Barn, Queens, NY


Performed in Darren Bader recommends - Brian Belot's Apparent Wuzzup Fluid, Greater New York, PS1, Queens, NY

Solo Exhibitions


Cringe in Theory, Rheum Room Institute, curated by Cassidy Toner, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland


Movie - Remote Infrastructure Management: Anti-Kant, Indifferent to (closed) systems, curated by Jacob Thompson, The Shed, Elizabethtown, KY
RIP@WHALECUMED, Land Gallery, Curated by Wes Landis, Kansas City, MI


The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Living Gallery Outpost, NY, NY
Net-Flex and Chill Blinton, Boy Toy Championships, Los Angeles, CA

Two Person Exhibitions


B sides and Marginalia, with Ian Swanson, MX Gallery, NY, NY


Indifferent to Buildings, with Jennyfer Haddad, Welcome Screen, curated by Michael Pybus, London, UK

Group Exhibitions


With energy stolen from the bohemians who decorate the room, Bus Projects, Melbourne, Australia


Good things come in threes, Russell Janis Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Based in the USA, Puzzle Art Space, Sydney, NSW Australia, Curated by Gregory Uzelac


Downtown Train, PS122, Curated by William Corwin, NY, NY


If I Ever Get To Curate Another Group Show And All The Artists Approve, La Kaje, Brooklyn, NY
Albatross ARTFAIR, Albatross, organized by Michael Reinsch.,


A Tinkling Sound, organized by Bradford Kessler, Kunsthalle Wichita, Wichita, Kansas
Art Fashion Pop Up At Airy Clean Artist Space, Collaborated group show with Jo Shane, her studio, Brooklyn, NY
Osmosis 1, curated by Joseph Sledgianowski and Ming Liu, Bodeguita, Brooklyn, NY
EBC022, curated into screening by Mitra Saboury, East Bristol Contemporary, Bristol, England
Auser Limbo, curated by Pavillon Social & Essenza Club, Fiume (River) Serchio Lucca, Italy
When I See How Beautiful You Are, curated by Tom Koehler, Neptune Hotel, Brooklyn, NY
25 October, 2015 - 12 May, 2019 (Organized by Jason Hirata), Kunstverein Nürnberg, Nürnberg, Germany


Swap Up, American Two Shot, NY, NY
underSTOOD, Rockelmann & Partner, Berlin, Germany
Ceiling Unltd., Hunter College, NY, NY
Cul de Sac: Crane Game, Greenpoint Ave. Bridge, Queens, NY, Conceived and engineered by David Kirshoff


Chew Toy Attractors, 67, NY, NY
The Menu Arts Exhibition, Nha Minh, Brooklyn, NY


Kavita B. Schmid, Eli Ping Frances Perkins, NY, NY (collaboration w/ Marc Kokopelli)
Tenderloins of Mercy II, Janine Iversen Studio, Kingston, NY
Folly, or Vestiges in Greene, Kilroy Metal Ceiling, curated by Joseph Lubitz and William Jackson, Brooklyn, NY
Ian Swanson's "our shallow psychic death", Simone DeSousa Gallery, Detroit, MI
Ignorance is Rich, 67, NY, NY


F_K_U, Kravets Wehby Gallery, NY, NY
One Bite, NO SPACE@OTHER Projects, Berlin, Germany
O bj (etc…)s of(A ff etc..) ion ), Gordilloscudder, Brooklyn, NY
Abby Lloyd's Marble Town, Grand Prix, Hotelart, NY, NY
30TV, Body Actualized Center, Brooklyn, NY
the work is worth it, FAB Gallery, Richmond, VA
SOULDRONE/SUPERDEMO, et al projects, Brooklyn, NY


Spaghetti Suicide, Family Business, New York, NY
Things In A Room, Terminal Projects, Brooklyn, NY


Funeral Party, Y Gallery, New York, NY


The Holiday Bizarre, The Living Room Gallery, New York, NY
Internet Killed The Video Star, Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NY
Based On A True Story,The Arsenal, Brooklyn, NY
Everything Good in Life, Keith Lapinski Studio, New York, NY
Alternate Ending, The Arsenal, Brooklyn, NY

Curatorial Projects

If I Ever Get To Curate Another Group Show And All The Artists Approve, La Kaje, Brooklyn, NY, 2020
Art Fashion Pop Up At Airy Clean Artist Space, Jo Shane's studio, Brooklyn NY, 2019
Paintings I'd Die For, Wild Embeddings, Brooklyn, NY, 2018
Ppl i kno, 67, NY, NY, 2017
Chew Toy Attractors, 67, NY, NY, 2017
Ignorance is Rich, 67, NY, NY 2016
LinkedIn Park, CuatroH, Brooklyn, NY, 2014
O bj (etc…)s of(A ff etc..) ion ), Gordilloscudder, Brooklyn, NY, 2014
Things In A Room, Terminal Projects, Brooklyn, NY, 2012


The Spectre of Finance Punk, with Barrett Avner, published by Contain, 2022

Da Bitch Gave Me Jew Balls, published by Safety Propaganda, 2021

Emergency Index Vol. 9, p.104-105, published by Ugly Duckling Presse, 2020

The first man to eat ass was an aSStronaut, published by Memory Pill, 2020

KT Hickman Press Release at Marlborough Gallery

Andrew Ross Press Release at False Flag Gallery



Angelicism's Film01 review on Becoming.Press

Rango Tango Interview

Mentioned in Perfectly Imperfect

Finance Punk mentioned in Dazed

The Spectre of Finance Punk mentioned in The Paris Review


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Maison Kitsune

Positive review of one of my sound projects called GERMAN in a Printed Matter catalogue (not online)

Stores I've had merchandise in

Printed Matter
Hospital Productions
Motto Distribution
Material World Records
Jacknife Records & Tapes
Amoeba Records Hollywood